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BeBe Group

BeBe Group was established in 2017 with two best friends, Ramin and Soheil. They met through mutual friends in university. Both Ramin and Soheil wanted to start a side business to make some money while they were in school. They both were interested in the real estate but they had no clue what to do. They established BeBe Group and started to allocate some work towards this company every week. Week by week the company grew and went from a side business to their main source of income. Since 2017, BeBe Group has been able to serve over 100 clients, some of which came back to do more deals with us. BeBe Group now offers services such as Property Management, Pre-sale and Re-sale, Commercial properties, and Investment opportunities. Our ambition does not stop here, development and planning will soon be added to our services.

Soheil Talebi

As a Realtor®️ licensed in Great Toronto Area, I provide Strategic Marketing and Transaction Management services to my clients across many GTA City markets. My business is built on: Dedication, Communication, Determination, and Trust while embodying the ability to cater and adapt to all of my client’s Real Estate needs.

Just as the Real Estate industry evolves to become more innovative and efficient, so do I. A Toronto City residence for over 12 years, my knowledge of the city’s geography can assist you with all of your Residential Real Estate endeavors on both sides of the state line! In addition, I provide exceptional Real Estate services to ensure you feel confident with your decision to hire me as your trusted realtor. Rest assured I will listen to you! With an understanding of your needs and wants, I will do my best to help you achieve them all. I graduated with honors from the University of Toronto School of Engineering, majoring in Energy and supply with an emphasis in Leadership Management. As a Tech Enthusiast, Inman News Contributor, and Athlete, I believe: "If you Work Hard you can Play Hard."

Soheil Talebi
Ramin Noushinfar

Ramin Noushinfar

Hi, my name is Ramin and I am here to bore you with my “About Me”. If you have a short attention span like me keep scrolling and if you are one of those people who likes to read then keep reading.

I have a background in Urban planning and Civil Engineering. I got graduated from York University back in 2018 and since then I am working as a Realtor or I’d like to call it real estate consultant. My knowledge from my academic degree has had a significant effect on my career. But I need to mention that ‘trust’ and ‘honesty’ go a long way in any field of business. I am fortunate to use my knowledge and expertise to better help my clients to achieve their goals. Over the past few years, I was blessed to have clients that trusted in me and BeBe Group to secure them the best deals. I have worked mostly with buyers and sellers in the resale residential market but commercial and investment properties are also my area of expertise.

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